Jeff's List of Where to Eat Back to Lists

These are a few of my favorite things

Urban Solace
American, Gastropub
3823 30th St - San Diego, CA 92104
Best Menu Item: "Not Your Momma’s Meatloaf"

Tags: Brooklyn Heights, brunch, gastropub, gluten free, La Boheme Condos, low fat, North Park, north park, North ParkPalm Breeze VillasBrooklyn Heights, Palm Breeze Villas, vegetarian, Western, Western San Diego

Crab Hut
4646 Convoy St - San Diego, CA 92111
Best Menu Item: King Crab Legs

Tags: Eastern, Eastern San Diego, Kearny Mesa

6785 Mira Mesa Blvd - San Diego, CA 92121
Best Menu Item: Phad Thai Noodles

Tags: Fenton Carroll Canyon, gluten free, low fat, mira mesa, Northeastern San Diego, patio, thai, vegetarian

1441 Garnet Ave - San Diego, CA 92109
Best Menu Item: TJ Roll